04 August 2004

Stupid Fucker, Mad as Hell

At least I'm sitting down now. If I knew they were coming, rather than having them foisted on me by someone else's selfish and utter lack of planning, I wouldn't mind crazy days. It beats sitting around updating my blog.....at least I haven't had a chance to freak about my interview yet. We talked some more about Putnamistan. "Christ, I'd love to live up there" was the last thing I expected to hear from him at the moment, given his recent behaviour surrounding the matter. I'm trying to keep all options open, so that I may receive whatever the universe has in mind for me. Shutting my mind has never worked real well.

But I told my sister a couple of days ago that it distressed me to realise that I was content to think I didn't deserve Oscawana, that a blue heron at sunrise was something I thought I should save for special occasions. When really it is not only a way I could choose to live, it is my birthright.

So this morning I planted zinnias, after a subtle hint from the purple goddess of computers, and we shall see what happens from here. I'd like to be able to leave here, but an adjunct position won't allow that. Not right away. So we shall see.

I wonder what my theories on teaching are???

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