28 August 2005

Madge! I Soaked in It!

Someday I'll look back on today and laugh, but right now we are not amused.

What a colossal waste of a day. For some unknown reason I decided that I would colour my hair to get the highlights back in it for the wedding.

Also for some unknown reason, all hell broke loose on the top of my head.
Sisters, I'm talking Baskin Robbins. I looked like a slushee for a couple of hours there. Thank god for Lisa, who called from Peoria to tell me that the household product most likely to tone down an accident of crimson proportion is....good old Palmolive.

Nevertheless, it did a number on me and I've now got an appointment at something inexplicably called Atelier Premiere Salon de Frou Frou or some fool thing, where tomorrow for more money than I undoubtedly have Heather will do something called "single process colour." I hope she also does something that I call "fix."

This is what happens when you let wedding planning go to your (admittedly now very squeaky clean) head.

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