23 November 2006

How Not to Be Seen

See, now, in my opinion, this is just bad marketing.
From the home page of White Pine Press:
A note to our readers:
From the classic writers if Asia to contemporary voices from around the world, White Pine Press is your passport to a World of Voices. We publish literature which explores the world of ideas and cultures. The cultures that make up the Amercan mosaic and celebrate the diversity of the world. You can travel to these places without leaving home, no driving, and no crowded airports with security checks. We invite you to become an ambassador to our World of Voices. You can support us by purchasing our books at your local embassy (bookstore) or from us; joining our email list to receive our monthly newletter featuring new titles and special discounts; by purchasing our signature edition items; or by becoming a friend of the press.
Dennis Maloney

And I'll leave it at that.

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