26 May 2007


The following song (by blues musician Eric Bibb) saved my ass today. I have now run farther, and for longer, than I have since I turned 30. Which was....a bit ago. I have now also, quite accidentally, gotten trapped in my sports bra for several minutes while undressing for my shower, but that's another story.

It's currently humid as hell in New Jersey, to remind us all that it's Memorial Day weekend (more on the white pants issue later). So 10:00 AM was not exactly prime scheduling for the week's long run. But alas, I had justified sleeping in until 8:15, so there I was. For 5.25 miles. Which, on the marathon training schedule, is not a long time. But on the towpath, pounding past an inch at a time under your New Balance? It's pretty fucking far. Just sayin'.

Enter Mr. Bibb and his catchy bassline. Note: this would be a good time to make sure your speakers are adjusted, with the knob all the way to the right. It'll peel the paint off your ceiling, but it's worth it. This album makes a lot of good points, has a lot of good stuff to say, musically as well as spiritually and politically, and some of it is just plain damn fun. (Tuba, anyone?) But this was the song that got me through the last two miles, back to the car and the banana and fresh bottle of Gatorade.

Eric, my friend, you're a diamond to me. Shine on.


anna maria said...

Loved that music. Thanks for the link, I needed that!

thefirecat said...

You're most welcome. The world needs more Eric Bibb.