27 June 2007

Notes from the Fiver

1. 4:30 AM is not too early to get up to run in this heat. 7:30 AM is, however, too late.

2. Mile 1.0: two purple socks on the bridge, and a plastic Smurf head the size of a dinner plate. I can't be hallucinating already.

3. Hills, hills, hills.

4. 85 degrees is a lot, when coupled with that much humidity.

5. More hills.

6. There is no such thing as too slow.

7. Walking counts.

8. Look. A hill.

9. A shrub's worth of shade can make a world of difference on the ass end of Higginsville Road. Start planting trees at night.

10. Now I know I'm hallucinating. Because there's Jimmy Two Strokes, doing his Mile 22 Dance, like this:

11. She who does not start out a run like this without a wet bandana on her head is a dumbass.

12. ....mommy?

Fortunately, I was not hallucinating. It really was my mommy, leaving for work. Which meant that this was my house. Hello, house. Can I kiss you? Can I kiss the hose whot makes cool water run down my head and neck so that I can feel my feet again?

Recovery time was quick, which meant that I wasn't really going to die, it just felt like it. Which is good to know, in retrospect.


Charlie said...


Followed your link on the MCM forum site. I was expecting language worse than a sailor...but...very tame in comparison!...Not that I came here for the language! :o)

Congratulations on completing your run while it's hot and humid! I wish we had some hills here in our neck of the woods...I miss running on tree filled hills.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for including my picture here. It is nice to know that we can rely on each other to make it through runs even when we are no where around. Run on firecat, run on.