22 August 2007

Water Moccasin

Early yesterday I realised I had four miles to run, and that it was raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock. For the third or fourth straight day. (Wait, that's not true. On Friday, it hailed.)

So I paddled up and down some hills in my spandex and my trusty New (old) Balance 767w, and 36 hours later I have a problem. I have a six-miler tomorrow, and my shoes are still so wet I could wring them out if they didn't have those nifty AbZorb midsoles. My friends on the training board helpfully pointed out that this is one of the reasons why people usually have two pairs of running shoes going at a time. Which I do, in fact.

I don't think they realise the extent of this weather, phenomenon, though. It's seriously been raining for a frigging long time. If I wear my newer shoes tomorrow, come Saturday I'll have not one but two pairs of waterlogged running shoes, which will not be fun for fifteen miles.

Because something I realised yesterday while slogging uphill after wading through my umpteenth shin-deep puddle: wet sneakers weigh a lot. So do wet, formerly-poofy Thorlo running socks.

Plus I'm still not freaking warm again. Seriously. They're saying it's going to be 90 on Saturday, but I ain't buying it. Not when the end of my widdw nose is this cold and I've been wearing long sleeves and cardigans and wool socks and shoes (for god's sake) for the past four days.

Nope. Not happening. Have I mentioned this irks me?


Karen Travels said...

Dude. Send some of that rain down here...NC is in a drought, and today they issued a ban on washing cars, watering lawns and such. Not that I do either. But it would be such a relief!!

Deirdre said...

We've been dry as a bone here since the winter, but I wouldn't want the torrents your're having.

Wet, soggy shoes and socks - ugh. I hope the run goes well today and that the weather is more co-operative.