07 June 2008

Just in Case You Thought I Was Crazy

Consider my friend Toby, who at this very moment is running the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run.

That was not a typo. My zero key is not sticking. Nor it this a relay run, with Toby running a leg composed of mere tens of miles. Nope. This beautiful, friendly, funny, encouraging young man is running a hundred miles today. I will repeat that. One. Hundred. Miles. At one time. In under 24 hours. By himself.

Now that? Is a beer well earned tomorrow morning when he finishes. (Thanks to Arch Fuston of Active for the photo)


GreenishLady said...

Good luck to Toby! What a challenge he's taken on!

Unknown said...

I was not alone. I had you all there with me for the entire journey. Thank you for sending me such positive vibes--they worked! It was an amazing race and a life-changing experience. Again, thank you. ~T