12 September 2008

Again With the Not Knowing What "Maybe" Means

Late last night, after teaching my evening class, I saw a headline on CNN.com that I attributed to the hour and my lack of presecription eyewear. This morning my sister emailed me same, with just one comment: "Um...."

I figured it was a passing moment of stupidity, because the headline was quickly updated. (Apparently "yIKEs! It's coming!" wasn't funny, though, because it was replaced almost immediately.) But just moments ago, NPR's very reputable (not to mention adorably charming and funny) Andrew Meyer just read the exact same headline off the wire.


Now, please note that I in no way fault Mr. Meyer for this atrocity. The instant he shut off his microphone, he probably looked across the newsroom and mouthed "....what?" through the plexiglass shield at the on-air host.

But seriously, people. It might bring certain death? As opposed to....what, uncertain death? Death that you're not really convinced has occurred?

I'll let Andrew off the hook, because his mom makes such excellent brownies, but CNN, I'm putting you on notice.

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Minnesota Matron said...

Honey, the Matron has done the Edition shuffle and is now doing a headstand on your behalf. Yoa? Twelve years and counting.

May she join you in Sweden?