07 November 2008

Even the Toaster Is Frightened

Ever have one of those days where you're driving home from work, pondering the nature of electricity, and light waves, and those telekinetic people who allege to bend spoons, and idly wondering whether brainwaves can actually in fact physically affect objects....and as you're pondering all these things in your little noggin, the nearest transformer blows up in a searing shower of blue sparks, shorting out the traffic light as you're driving through it?

I'm thinking maybe I should stay under the bed this weekend.


Unknown said...

Maybe you're like the guy from Powder...

Minnesota Matron said...

I am just cracking up. One day -- while driving on the freeway with John -- I looked at the incredible infrastructure and considered the expanse of humanity, all that consciousness in people in tiny individual cars and the enormity of it all: the grid, the psyche, the expanse. I thought of Foucault, Lacan, Cixous. The connections and magnitude overwhelmed. Part of this moment for me was the absolute certainty that all people -- everyone behind each wheel in a car buzzing by--held this incredible existential and intellectual enormity in their own minds, complete complex universes. Staggering.

So I turned to John to prove that everyone was overwhelmed and full of wonder at the world all at the same time and said: "What are you thinking, right now?"

John: "Raisinettes. I could go fro some Raisinettes."

So much for that brain.

~Jess said...

Jesus read my mind!!

PS. Sorry, but you've been tagged over on my blog.

Swistle said...