21 May 2009

Brief Update

There were finals, and then there was a weekend wedding in Harrisburg followed by a trip to Pittsburgh and the most grueling half-marathon I have ever run (it was cold, it was wet, we ran up every hill in Pittsburgh, then I drank a beer. The end.) Then, on returning home, there were more finals, and a photo exhibit to dissassemble, crate, and and ship, and then a flight to Spokane and a marathon. In which I PRed, thank you very much.

And then I came home, bought groceries, went through six days' worth of mail, and dug a hole in my backyard big enough to contain a friend's hundred-pound shepherd mix when she couldn't afford to cremate him. Just in case you've been wondering where the hell I went lately.

I'm looking very much forward to having to go back to work soon.

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Minnesota Matron said...

Hello my friend!

Sorry I never visit. I am completely overwhelmed. Good call on the Salon article - esp. about the assumption of marriage. Financial demands trump it for all of us, marriage or not. . good luck this week! I hope you get the job. xo M