22 October 2010

Chocolate-Flavoured Love

This is not a post about fair trade month, ILRF, the new documentary about child slavery in the cocoa sector, or the musical Hair. Nope, it's about bras. Well, sort of. But it is about chocolate. And breasts.

Slow your roll there, Sparky. I am not about to get kinky. Please. I'm not that kind of nerd. I am, however, about to get amused. Very, very amused.

Because a certain high-end lingerie boutique reviewed in the New York Times last month apparently keeps a bowl of gourmet chocolates by the register. I do not know whether the intent was to be humourous, or whether the proprietress is simply fond of almonds.

Regardless, my delectable treat has a very distinct silhouette.



Hi, I'm Natalie. said...

I betting on a fondness for almonds and an absolute lack of humour. (I would eat all of them.)

Anonymous said...

Is that a Baci? If it is, it is hazelnut :)

Wombat Central said...

Ha! Do you remember the chocolates from the movie Amadeus? Here's a link to some that look like them (scroll down to Hazelnut in the left column):