17 November 2010

"Partial Rat Body Part"

(Bonus points if you can name the episode for that reference!)

I was commenting to a friend online that I had two very rowdy kitties downstairs. Then I went downstairs and decided that the furry little evil glimmer in Jenny Linsky's eye (because she only has one) was more than "I want to kill my fat fuzzy sister." Especially when she stuck the top half of her body behind a bookcase and left it there, tail atwitching.

So I got the flashlight, wondering why this shit always happens when I'm in my bathrobe, since it's not like I spend all that much time in it. Also, rodents in our house seem to keep my parents' vacation schedule on their group calendar. They haven't even been gone for three hours yet this time. Anyway, I noticed quite a bit of plaster dust under said bookcase. And, on closer inspection, an actual hole in the wall. Disco! Houston, we have located the Secret Mouse Portal to the Secret Mouse World.

But what's this? One of the furry aliens has escaped and cannot find his way back to the Secret Mouse Portal for transport! Sound kitty alarm!

I mean, that's what I'm guessing. Because otherwise I would not currently have two twitchy cat butts shoved under the hall radiator, oblivious to all else. I have had cats who have shown an unnatural predilection for staring aimlessly at and under pieces of furniture for hours on end. Neither of these two girls has this habit. So I'm guessing that someone forgot to launch his Mouse Escape Pod.

Sadly, what this means is that later I will most likely have to remember whether Resolve carpet cleaner gets rodent blood out of berber carpets.

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