18 February 2011

I Have Never Read A Single Word of Harry Potter

Furthermore, I never intend to. I am, however, eternally grateful to JK Rowling for addicting an entire generation of kids to the printed word. The weekend the last one came out, I had students who would have normally been out gangbanging waiting in line at the bookstore for their copy.

And then I couldn't give my planned lesson on Monday morning because they were all, "Yo, Miss, can we have free read time, like we used to do in high school? I gots to finish this chapter, man!"

Did I mention? I was their remedial reading teacher. I practically cried. YES. YES YOU MAY HAVE FREE READING TIME. Here. Take it all. Take my heart, you semi-literate thugs. And don't pretend you weren't crying at the end. I saw you wiping tears with your gang-colors bandana do-rag.


Hi, I'm Natalie. said...

It's funny - I was intent on never reading the damned things, but then I ended up taking my mother to a doctor's appointment where I had to wait for HOURS - and my mom just happened to have HP with her. The rest is history... (I'm hooked. =)

(I was a voracious reader as a child... In JH, I read ALL of Steinbeck's stuff one MONTH - just because. =P )

Anonymous said...

See, I discovered Harry Potter before he was "cool" - when it was just this book under the Christmas tree.

The books really are good. They are. They are excellent literature. It's not like Twilight - some fad crap that caught on for no reason.

They are actually brilliant.

And I'm a real literature snob.

flanagusen said...

I just came here to say that this post makes my heart smile.

Christine said...

Yes! At least they're reading. I don't like HP either - it started off as a nice idea, but she really outdid herself throughout the series. It's admirable how good a job she did at writing poorly. However, it's basically the same as a mom sneaking healthy ingredients into muffins or vegetables onto pizza. They're getting something out of it in spite of themselves.

BTW, found you on the dooce community :)