17 June 2011

Thank You for Not Googling

I am going to completely change the subject and alert you all that I am a fricking genius.

I was 2/3 of the way through knitting a sweater when the unthinkable happened. Yes, again. I ran out of yarn. You'd think I would prepare for this unthinkability, considering the number of times I've failed to think of it. So I ordered more, but it was a vastly different dye lot, so the colour is...um, different. The company is actually notorious for that, because she dyes in such small batches. I love madelinetosh with all my heart, I truly do, company and woman, but please--for the love of cats, for the sake of my sanity--please, Amy, can you do something about the dye consistency in amber trinket? Pretty please?

Anyway, rather than rip the whole thing out and start over, rather than have a stripey sweater where it didn't mean to be stripey, I enlisted the help of my friend Mary O. Who really is a fricking genius. Seriously. She used to be an engineer. Even after a debilitating car accident that left her with brain damage, Mary O is still smarter than most people I know. Mary O announced a simple solution (though she originally suggested Kool Aid, apparently it doesn't come in green in my part of the world). Mary O suggested her close cousin Jell-O.

Y'all, I'm dyeing yarn in my kitchen as we speak. And it's working. The finished product is passably identical to the half-knit sweater. I don't even care that my apartment currently smells like some whacked out combination of wet sheep, vinegar, and lime Jell-O.

Yes, there will be pictures. First I have to figure out how to keep my newly matching yarn from jiggling away off the counter.


Anonymous said...

You know that means that I can never eat jello again, don't you?? If it'll dye yarn, what will it do to my innerds? Maybe I should google *that*!!

thefirecat said...

lol not unless you usually make it with vinegar. Ever notice how it turns your face green, but then it washes off? Yeah. The vinegar sets the dye.

And no. Thank you for NOT googling.