30 August 2011

Dear Universe: I Get It, Okay?

Now can you go pick on somebody else? I have to clean up this mess and throttle my new kitten. Pardon the crappy image, by the way; I was midway through damage control when I realised what I was doing. And no, this was not in any way staged. I placed this book on the table four months ago in my apartment's entryway to amuse myself--a verbal, visual sort of pun. Only tonight it's the universe that's laughing back at me. If you can't read the subtitle, it's "Finding Hope Amidst Life's Chaos."

And believe me Nellie, there's plenty of that here in the Nerderie.

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

this too funny. i mean, the book being there. i'm so happy my kitty doesn't do stuff like this -- she's just a very vocal meow-er (read: she IS my new alarm clock)