29 June 2012

It's the Stupid, Stupid!

The ever-klutzy and graceful FireCat strikes again. At the farmers' market yesterday, I realised I needed to hit up the ATM. Rather than walk the whole two blocks to the bank, I decided to hit up the brand-spanking new ArtsQuest building and swallow the $3 fee. It was 90 degrees so I figured it was worth it.

And then the building bit me.

I wasn't sure if the nearest entrance was unlocked, so I tugged on the door to see. It was. The door swung open easily....across the top of my foot. I was wearing sandals (see: it was 90 degrees out, above). Fortunately, the leather strap stopped the door before it did any more damage than this, which is still plenty for me:


Yes, I have stubby toes.
I have stubby everything. They match.

This is what it looked like this morning after a little bit of debridement and irrigation.  Yes, I'm going to lose that torn nail, probably--hopefully--before the week is out. Yes, that's a pulpy mess on top of my toe where a toe used to be.

And yes, I have my first ultramarathon in two weeks and two days.

It's gonna be awesome, y'all.

(PS: it's true. Hydrogen peroxide really does get blood out of everything. Including leather sandals.)

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