20 September 2004


Yeah. Wow. That's a lot of damn water where the Delaware River didn't used to be. And sweet Shari lost everything, Shari who has never even uttered a loud, harsh, or unkind breath in her entire life. And now her whole world is underwater. I want to send word around to the Faire so that by next week's end every single damn drum in that shop is sold, that clothes mysteriously end up on her doorstep, that paints and drum frames and furniture arrive by the carriage-load, and that she has a crew of maintenance men and women and EMTs to shovel out her house. She's too good to have anything this terrible happen near her. And her reaction, through tears flooding her big brown beautiful eyes, and sobs that she tried not to let wrack her frail shoulders....the words...."another big change"....


So I'm off to my interview tomorrow, everyone's confident that I'll get an offer. I'm having that last minute terror so common in lesser mammals, the humanoids.

Oh yes, and the hand-fasting. But I'm too tired and cranky to talk about the wonder, and the love, and the love shared by a circle of friends.

And Robin, telling my boyfriend, "when are you coing to visit me? I'm tired of always seeing her rat ass."


That man deserves a spanking.

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