23 September 2004

Office Hours

So. Here I am, having dutifully put in my hours this week, playing teacher by grading Lauren's extra draft of paper, and by setting up (finally) my grade book. Okay, it's actually an attendance book, but whatever. Somehow I'm thinking that even a half-cup of coffee thick with half-and-half might not have been such a good plan, considering how starving I am, and that I have to stop at Wegman's on the way home. Oops. But somehow it fit with the role I'm playing this moment, the one of College English Professor.

Today I just about asked Mi-Hye, "You're not from around here, are ya" because she decided that my patting Rob jokingly on the cheek was "inappropriate touching." Get real. He's a sacred music/organ performance major. I do the same thing to half a dozen students on a regular basis--male, female, and in between. Just because she has no sense of warmth. Good God.


These kids are so good for me. Teaching is in many ways my salvation. (especially now, while I'm in a job I so totally despise with a boss who is so obviously clueless on that many levels.)

Almost done freaking out about the interview process, but there's so much pressure (which I've placed on myself) because I feel like this is the only real job lead I've gotten for the Putnamistan area, that if I don't get this job we will lose the house and it'll be all my fault. A theory, by the way, he thoroughly poo-poohs. But his USDA thing is looking good...slowly. I hate patience. It sucks. Wah! is right, I'm going to end up a tree in my next life.

Robin said the sweetest thing yesterday. I sent him an email thanking him once again for the haven of his lake house. That I was pretty fucking stressed, and he magically opened up that possibility of brief respite, or else he somehow knew but didn't talk about it. And he sent me back a two-word email: I do... That just about undid me with love and gratitude for him.

Was going to take the weekend off from the Ren Faire, but it doesn't look like that's the plan anymore...Carolyn's coming up with her family...tra la, tra la....oh well....maybe I'll still get my ass in gear early enough Sunday to have some rest, either at home or up at the lake, which is awfully tempting....except for the drive....

Ok, now I'm stalling. This is infinitely more fun than going to the grocery store. However, there is the image of a hamster on its wheel coming to mind here......

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