24 May 2007

Least Complicated

(a companion piece to this)

tea on the front porch in my bathrobe
cats washing their faces in a puddle of sunlight
the smell of lilacs
running along the river in the morning
train tracks
fresh-baked bread
a meal with friends
clean sheets
violets sprinkled across the front yard
belly rubs with Juno-dog
vegetable garden
taking the long-long walk while the grill's heating, with the dog and our wineglasses
a white enamel-topped desk in a room with white walls
the same walls, painted yellow
lavender blossoms
my husband's sleepy smile


Sian said...

This is just lovely. Every line made me say 'Ah, yes'

tiny noises said...

yes yes yes! this is the perfect companion to your dead on, first post. excellent, the both of them.

deedee said...

I enjoyed both of your posts.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

I also enjoyed both of your posts; I posted to my blog not too long ago about simple things that makes me smile--I keep a running list in a journal :)

Kamsin said...

fresh baked bread...mmmnnnn!

thefirecat said...

sognatrice--good idea. I've tried keeping a gratitude journal from time to time, and should continue it! I find that the things I'm most grateful for are often the simplest.

Anonymous said...

This one makes me feel right at home.

Patois42 said...

A good start, indeed!

Becca said...

Beautiful list...I think I'll make one of my own to remind me of some "simple pleasures."