27 February 2008

Breaking News

So, I'm out of the marathon in April. What I'd thought were nagging shin splints that just would not quit turned out to be multiple stress fractures. Yeehaw. The bad news, aside from the kibosh on Nashville of course, is that there's pretty much nothing to do for stress fractures except sit around on my ass with ice and pop Tylenol every four hours. (good thing I have a sturdy liver, Terri!) And whine a lot about the various, lesser forms of odious cross-training.

The good news (and yes, there is some) is that I'm not a wimp. There's a very good reason my legs have hurt like hell every time I've run for the past several weeks: they're broken, dumbass.


Deirdre said...

Ouch. I hope you've got a good book to keep you company while you're icing.

por favor no fubar said...

Good lord! Well, I'm glad you're being smart and not trying to break them further. There will be more marathons. I've noticed that they're everywhere. :)

I hope you're feeling better soon and I'll try to stop by the good old board again sometime soon. I'm sure it's just what I've been missing.

Anonymous said...

Ah, there you are. Yes, I did just spend the last two hours (and a half? don't remember) catching up on everything here since sometime around last March. Kinda puts some perspective around the one time, a few weeks back, I dragged my sorry tail out of bed at oh-dark-thirty for three measly laps around the schoolyard across the back fence before my heart and lungs were about ready to mutiny.

...and after the two hours I just read, there's so much running through my head to say, or not, that I just end up staring at the screen. I'm proud of you. And I'm sorry. And I really need to start running again.

Yummyteece said...

OH NOZ! Seriously, I've done the marathon training thing before. It is an amazing process that always pulls something out of you, often in ways very unexpected.

Therefore, if the Universe has seen fit to give you multiple stress fractures (OUCH), then I absolutely believe that it has a perfectly good reason for doing so.

And thanks for the quote on my blog. It was perfect. Here's to living in the questions. :)

Good Luck, and Happy Healing.