22 February 2008

Overheard at the End of My Driveway

Cast of Characters

Him: socially inept, cheerful but fairly clueless, very Italian last name. Son of landlord to houseful of Mexican immigrants of uncertain status who do farmwork for them.
Me: anti-social, fairly often outraged, Irish temper. Bound in on three sides of property by this new landed gentry. Also currently cold, wet, and hungry.

Him: "I saw you out shoveling before."

Me: "Yup."

Him: "Don't you have Mexicans to do that for you?"


Me: "No, we use Eye-talians for that."


Deirdre said...

Have I mentioned how much I like your wicked sense of humor? Good one. On so many levels. Wish I'd seen his face.

lightrimed:the lark ascending said...
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lightrimed:the lark ascending said...

Argh, Blawger doesn't let you "edit" comments.

Very funny! :) It'd be funnier if you were Italian. That said, I'd be happy to come help you shovel! <3