30 October 2008

Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund

My friend Jimmy is an animal in red running shoes. This past week, he (along with four other Marines) completed a 177.5 mile run, starting in Philadelphia and ending with the completion of the 33rd Annual Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC.

Then he went out for beer and nachos.

This was not a relay run. This was five Marines (plus a hell of a driver and a trailer full of gear) running forty miles per day. For five days in a row. As alluded to in this post's title, they did this as a fundraiser for the Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund, a non-profit dedicated to raising money to benefitt injured Marines and Sailors.

The Team had a fundraising goal of $25,000 and they're a bit short. If you'd like to donate, or even just send them a message telling them they're crazy running fools, please visit the Tun Tavern Runners' web site. Tell 'em FireCat the Gatorade Lady sent you.

(This photo was taken around 2pm on Friday, some 100 miles into their journey; thus, you'd think Jimmy would have the decency to at least look winded.)

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